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International Guild for Personal & Professional Advancement

Accreditation & Certification for Reputable Training Organisations Worldwide

You are a reputable professional - the iGPPA™ proves it

Online Course Creators

In a world where online courses are in abundance, how do you ensure that a course has been produced to a quality standard and that the knowledge is current and accurate? Choosing an iGPPA™ accredited course will give your students confidence in choosing your course over others.

Training Organisations

As a training organisation you deal with individuals delivering classroom based programs. Having your online/ offline courses and programs accredited by the iGPPA™ will help to increase sales, ensure quality standards and present your business as a professional organisation

Individual Training Providers

As an Individual training professional we can help you to grow your business. Many training organisations employ individual trainers. Being accredited by the iGPPA™ can assist you in winning contracts. Align yourself with the iGPPA™ and demonstrate your professionalism

We Accredit Your Training, Courses and programs

Your business can benefit greatly from providing accredited training. As an International Accreditation body, the iGPPA™ is a global leader in training program accreditation.  Our stringent application process ensures that our members produce quality programs that are well researched and delivered. An iGPPA™ program is on that has been created and delivered by a professional organisation 

Our process is straight forward and fast. You can have your program accredited by the iGPPA™ often within 48 hrs of application *

* Requires all information to be provided at point of application. 

Association with the iGPPA™ gives you status & recognition

Regardless of where you are in your career, the iGPPA™ is able to assit you in the development of your business. We have partnered with a number of providers of information , tools, software and advice to help you. The result is an amazing set of resources to help you to build your business. 
If you are in the business of training others  then association with the iGPPA™ could very well help you to secre more business and present a professional image whether you are an online course creator, coach, trainer, lecturer, consultant, presenter and son on.