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3 NLP techniques to help overcome stress and anxiety

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3 NLP techniques to help overcome stress and anxiety

NLP is an abbreviation for ‘Neuro-linguistic programming’, it is the process in which practitioners use to reach into the subconscious mind and help people achieve their goals and personal development. It can be good for us to have a certain amount of stress as it helps to strengthen us and push us to achieve goals. However, too much stress puts a strain on us meaning that our bodies produce excess chemicals, that will slowly but surely impact our health over time, in a negative way. This post will explain three techniques that will help you to overcome stress and anxiety.

Build a routine

By having a routine and sticking to it, we allow ourselves to be in control and get a sense of discipline. We are also more likely to focus on and complete tasks that are important to us. A routine doesn’t have to be hectic or unrealistic, it can include; eating breakfast, getting some fresh air, taking time for self-care or staying connected with family and friends.

Focus on what it is that you want

Many people worry when they have particular things coming up such as a meeting, an event, an interview etc. It is easy to overthink the situation and worry about all of the bad things that could happen or go wrong. By thinking negatively about something, you are subconsciously creating a reality within your imagination and experiencing the negative things that may go wrong before the event has even taken place. Instead, try to focus on the best possible outcome, what is it you really want to achieve? By thinking positively, you are more likely to reduce your anxiety.

Be here, in this exact moment

Instead of letting your mind take you somewhere else, act on what is happening at that exact moment in your life. Use your body and senses to focus your mind and distract you from something that may or may not happen in the future. There are many benefits to living within the moment including the fact that it helps us to live more fully and absorb what we are currently experiencing.

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