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3 steps to finding your target NLP client base

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3 steps to finding your target NLP client base

If you're starting your own NLP practice then you want to make sure you are targeting the right clients for you, and doing so successfully. Here are some steps to help you break it down.

1. Know who needs you

There are people in various stages of life and professions who can benefit from NLP coaching. Anyone who feels stuck, who isn't achieving their potential or who is lacking in confidence can gain a lot from guided coaching. Some of the people, groups and businesses who can benefit from NLP include: – Individuals: those seeking a new career path or aiming for health and wellbeing goals; those going through a divorce or breakup; those trapped in difficult relationships; children and others with learning impairments. – Groups: charity organisations or public sector services that have support teams; counsellors; teachers and academic staff; community activists. – Businesses: sales teams; ambassadors, delegates and advocates; legal professionals; CEOs, managers and mentors; start-ups and consultants. NLP can be applied in sectors from corporate finance and sales right through public sector services such as health care and education, down to freelance consultants and even social media influencers.

2. Cultivate a niche

Narrowing down your target client base can help you to be more streamlined in your marketing activities and also more successful in your work. Perhaps you enjoyed a particular aspect of your NLP training – such as mentoring business professionals to be more confident in their decision making, or helping vulnerable individuals find a more assertive voice to break out of a destructive cycle of habits and cultivate inner strength. Your niche might be informed by your own life challenges or experience working in particular industries where you understand the pressures and expectations. You might prefer to deliver one-to-one or workshop-based training – this will also define your approach.

3. Go find them

Once you have narrowed down who you can help, mock up a profile of your ideal target clients considering their age and background, what media they interact with, their needs and aspirations, and their budget. Then use digital marketing techniques such as search advertising and content marketing to target them across the social platforms and websites they frequent. If you are targeting specific industries, then consider going offline and sending out inspiring sales letters. Be sure to showcase your experience and training. The key to finding your target client base is being able to understand the challenges they face and show how NLP techniques can help them achieve success. For more advice on starting your NLP practice, get in touch today.

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