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3 traits that every CBT coach should focus on

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3 traits that every CBT coach should focus on

We all know that training to become a renowned positive mindset coach requires developing certain knowledge and skills. Of course, there are many ways to gain certification to become a successful coach and start a business. However, the truth about being a dedicated therapist is that the work you do is an ongoing personal journey of self-development. Not only are you here to help others, but you are also here to learn and grow too.

When it comes to CBT and other modalities of positive psychology, there are 3 traits that every coach should focus on continuing to develop. This is not just in the work that you do but also in everyday life. Focus on improving and enhancing these traits and notice how they create a positive impact on your business.

1. Empathy

Since we live in a subjective world, every client has different obstacles to overcome. The more you can visualize yourself in a certain situation, the more you can develop empathy. It’s important to have strong compassion within the foundations of your coaching. This is because the more you can empathize and understand your clients, the more you can help them.

2. Intuition

When you step into your heart and choose to be guided by intuition, your clients will see huge benefits. You can focus on developing your intuition every day. You can do this both during and outside of work. Intuition becomes stronger when we learn to trust ourselves.

3. Self Knowledge

The more a coach knows themselves, the more they are able to help others. Becoming a coach does not mean you should just suddenly stop learning and growing. A true coach will respect that they will never stop learning. Choose new courses, books and other positive psychology modalities. When you opt for learning and growing, your business can expand into more success.

Your business’ success is a direct reflection of your own internal energy and mindset. As you focus on developing these traits, celebrate every moment and enjoy the journey. Not only are you helping others to improve their mental health, but yours too.

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