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4 marketing strategies to grow your coaching business

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4 marketing strategies to grow your coaching business

After setting up your coaching business, it is time to advertise your services and start growing your clientele. With digital marketing, you can reach thousands of people with just a click of a button. Here are a few marketing strategies to grow your coaching business.

Social media

When it comes to digital marketing, social media is your greatest weapon. There are various platforms to choose from, depending on who your target market is. Invest your time and resources to create engaging content that resonates with people and link it back to your official website. For a coaching business, let your social media following grow organically so that you can build trust and respect.


Podcasts are gaining more popularity and are, therefore, a great place to market your coaching business. You can start by being a guest speaker on other shows and later host your own show. The former option gives you insight into how things are done and what kind of topics people are interested in. Use your social media to engage with your audience before recording the podcast. You can ask them to share their opinions on the subject or ask any questions they may have.

Online communities

Creating a Facebook group is the easiest way to start an online community. It provides the perfect opportunity for anyone trying to establish themselves as a valuable facilitator in the coaching industry. When starting, you will have zero followers, but you can grow your following to thousands. Be consistent and active in posting and ensure that you provide value. Also, remember to have fun with your group. Create educational but entertaining content that people can relate to. To convert your followers to clients, provide just enough information to make people want more. Do not share all your tips and tricks for free.

Guest blogging

Writing for well-established websites can help build your image as an expert in coaching. It is also a great way to advertise your brand and get your message to a new audience. Reach out to a few reputable websites and ask for a chance to collaborate with them.

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