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5 industries that benefit from NLP

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5 industries that benefit from NLP

Neuro linguistic programming is a psychological approach to personal development and communication that concentrates on the relationship between language and mind and how that relationship affects our behaviour. It utilises guided visualisations and specific language patterns to initiate positive behavioural change from within. NLP has been practised for years, and it has been beneficial in different fields, some of which we will discuss in this blog.


Coaching is all about improving performance. NLP is very instrumental in coaching because it helps people get out of their way. Coaches use techniques such as anchoring, belief change, mirroring, reframing, and creative visualisation to bring significant change in their clients' lives.


NLP has been of great use to chronically ill patients. It helps them accept and cope with their illnesses more effectively. If you wish to improve your health but don't know how to do so, NLP can also help. As we are often told, change starts from the mind, and therefore, psychological behavioural modification can help you gain perspective on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.


Neuro-linguistic programming has helped students in different education levels improve concentration and conquer learning disabilities such as dyslexia. It has also enabled teachers to create a rapport with the students and increased their awareness of how their words and actions influence learners' behaviour.

Mental health

This sector has been a major beneficiary of NLP. Patients suffering from anxiety showed remarkable improvement after undergoing neuro linguistic programming. Guided imagery combined with relaxation has been proved to alleviate feelings of anxiety. NLP also supports patients suffering from depression to maintain a healthy mood. Considering that depression involves many personal factors unique to the patient, this is a step in the right direction.

Sales and marketing

This industry is highly dependent on effective communication and creating a rapport with others. NLP teaches salespersons and marketing executives how to communicate with clients and establish trust, which is vital when selling and marketing a product. To learn more about NLP, do not hesitate to contact iGNLP today.

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