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How to help others by helping yourself

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How to help others by helping yourself

The past year has certainly taken its toll, with the COVID-19 pandemic changing life as we know it in almost every aspect. One of the biggest things we’ve had to go through is three national lockdowns, where we’ve been forced to stay in our homes and only mix with those we already live with; if we are lucky enough to live with other people at all!

The threat of the virus, not being able to see loved ones and being forced into the unnatural situation of almost total isolation for many people up and down the country has equated to a year we will never forget.

The initial shock

After the shock of the initial lockdown had passed, it became clear that we were going to be in this situation for a lot longer than originally believed. This prompted a national discussion about taking care of our mental health and how important this can be at even the best of times.


More than anyone, CBT therapists are aware of the importance of this as they frequently help patients in some of their darkest times. There is no doubt that the pandemic has affected the nation’s mental health, so it’s important for therapists to not set their own mental health struggles aside.

There are several ways to do this like taking scheduled holiday or time off, even if you can’t go away at the minute, or joining an online group of therapists who are in the same boat as you.


It’s likely that, at the moment and in the near future, you may see an increased number of patients due to the stresses caused by 2020 and the roller-coaster of a year that it was. While the thought of this can be overwhelming, it’s important that you know that the right help is out there if you are willing to look for it.

Contacting a group of practitioners such as iGCBT is a great first step to making sure you’re in the best mindset you can be and that you can help yourself before you help others.

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