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How negativity can ruin your day

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How negativity can ruin your day

A quick look at the newspapers and any news channel these days can change our cognitive outlook within seconds. Our minds are wonderful things, but if we don't pay attention we can allow them to be influenced in ways that don't serve our higher interests. The negativity of world events has proven to be a pitfall for many in recent times. Although depression and low mood can purely be a neurotransmitter-based illness, negative events have been known to trigger this deficiency in our brains. Insightful psychological insight and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can be a powerful tool in this situation.

The impact of one negative thought

Our day may start off with the sun streaming in through the window. We may throw our legs over the side of the bed with eagerness and a clear picture in mind of our tasks for that day. However, one negative thought is all it can take to trigger procrastination, decreased productivity and sense of despondency. Recognising that negative things happen and that our lives aren't all blue skies and butterflies is of course essential realism for us all. Balance is the key, and questioning our negative perspectives as well as mimicking the qualities and personalities of those who are successful and positive (using tools such as NLP) can help us overcome pessimism that may otherwise begin to spiral.

Helpful personal questions

Whether we're working from home or commuting to our place of employment it is important for us to recognise the things that are within our control on any given day. Being overwhelmed with the Israeli-Palestinian situation when we're trying to file invoices at work is a waste of our time and detrimental to us. Acknowledge the issues you're experiencing in the moment, allow yourself to feel what you need to feel, then ask yourself some questions:

1. Can I personally do anything to change the negative situation?

2. Is this my fault?

3. What do I have in my life today that I can be grateful for?

4. What can I do for someone else today that will benefit their lives?

5. How would someone else I admire and look up to handle this thought? Can I follow their example?

A realistic, balanced perspective will help us to recognise and respond effectively to negativity in all its forms. Carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders doesn't help us or anyone else. A certain amount of modesty is necessary to help us clearly see that the things that we can directly control and influence are limited, and stretching ourselves beyond that is damaging. To discover how tools such as NLP and hypnosis can help to cultivate a positive mental attitude day by day, get in touch today.

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