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How to manage workplace conflict with NLP

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How to manage workplace conflict with NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) provides you with a powerful toolset to meet all of life’s challenges, both at home and at work. Because it focuses on communication and a positive mental attitude, NLP is particularly useful for managing conflict in the workplace. This is a core skill for anyone who manages a team but is useful for entrepreneurs who work alone as well, as conflict can arise externally as well as internally.

How NLP works

NLP explores the links between the language we use, our thoughts, and our actions. It uses conscious changes in language to bring about positive transformations in behaviour and mindset. Since a lot of conflict finds its roots in poor communication and negative thoughts, taking a course in NLP is a great way to develop your conflict management skills.

Manage conflict with NLP

One of the principles that NLP teaches you is the ability to take a step back and become an observer in stressful situations. When you do this, you can view the conflict without being carried away by the emotions involved in it. From this objective viewpoint, you will find that you are able to think more clearly about the situation and find solutions. NLP also teaches you a lot about communication styles, both your own and others. With this knowledge, you notice how the language you use and the way you speak can either cause conflict or help to resolve it. NLP helps you to remain calm in stressful situations and to use the tone, pacing and volume of your speech to lead others to a place where they are also able to respond calmly and rationally. A lot of conflict arises from negative thought patterns. When we perceive that our needs are going unmet, we are more likely to feel disgruntled and unwilling to compromise. Learning more about NLP supports us in keeping a positive mental attitude and fostering this in others. NLP also focuses on goal-setting, which is helpful for conflict resolution because it keeps us focused on outcomes, rather than blame.

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