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How to transition to an online therapy practice

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How to transition to an online therapy practice

If you are thinking about starting your online therapy practice as well, here’s how to do it.

Get your paperwork in order

The first thing you should do when setting up a teletherapy practice is to get all required licenses from the relevant governing bodies. Failure to do this can cost you your practising licence, so ensure that you comply with the laws and regulations. Also, contact your insurance company to check if your malpractice policy will protect you when practising virtually. Lastly, update your consent forms to include virtual support so that your clients can sign electronically.

Set up your space

When setting up your remote office, ensure that you use a secure and private space. The doors and windows should be able to close fully to minimise household distractions. If you can, place a white noise machine in the room so that other people don’t overhear your conversations with your clients. Test out your camera set-up and iron out any problems before starting. Get lighting equipment if you need to and get rid of any visual distractions.

Invest in reliable internet

Since a lot of your sessions will be done through Skype or Zoom calls, get a provider who can give you a reliable and secure internet connection. Ask your clients to do the same so that you can communicate properly.

Set up your website

If you hadn’t already set up a website, then this is the time to do it. A website helps clients find you more easily, and it also informs them about what services you offer, your rates, payment plans, etc.


When everything is ready, run a marketing campaign to inform former clients and the public at large about your business. Digital marketing is preferable when working online, so utilise the power of social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

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