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How video marketing can help you grow your therapy practice

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How video marketing can help you grow your therapy practice

The modern world of marketing can be challenging for anyone looking to start a therapy practice. However, if you’re undecided on how to even start promoting your services, definitely consider using video as your starting point.

There are a number of perks to this approach:

More people watch videos than read – so you can reach a bigger audience

Whatever you might think about the value of books and reading – and, of course, you’re right! – there’s no getting around the fact that by promoting your services through video, you’re automatically targeting a much bigger audience than you would be by blogging. And, of course, the bigger the overall audience you promote yourself to, the bigger the number of people interested in your services will be!

It’s free and easy to get started

If you’re starting a therapy practice from scratch, then it’s likely you won’t have a huge budget in place. This means that competing for paid advertising is likely to be tough.

Video marketing, though? It’s as simple as shooting videos on your phone and uploading them to YouTube. As long as you optimise your videos so your target audience finds them, you can start reaching potential customers almost immediately.

Potential clients will see the person behind the business

When it comes to therapy, chemistry matters. It matters that your clients feel comfortable around you. If their initial contact is through watching you talk on video, they’ll get a much better idea as to whether they’d like to hire you as a therapist.

Will there be some people who decide you’re not right for them? Absolutely, but this is a good thing. It’s much better they know now. It’ll mean they don’t use up time you can spend holding sessions with clients that are the right fit.

You can get going quickly

A lot of internet marketing is very time-consuming. If you’re not already skilled in things like writing and graphic design and you don’t have the money to hire specialists, then you’re reduced to having to learn skills yourself: this in time you could be used to actually help clients!

Videos, though, are as simple as having an idea and then recording it. If you’ve got several ideas, you can shoot multiple videos in a day. In fact, there’s nothing stopping you from recording weeks – and even months – worth of marketing material over a weekend.

Market faster, and then spend your time on what really matters, helping clients.

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