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We understand that NLP practitioners are at various stages of their career. We strive to recognize the achievements of all of our members and as such we recognize the  study at all levels of the NLP Practitioners career.

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We understand that NLP practitioners are at various stages of their career. We strive to recognize the achievements of all of our members and as such we recognize the  study at all levels of the NLP Practitioners career. 

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Reach your goals with NLP

Reach your goals with NLP

Success in both life and business is based on one core skill – the ability to set clear goals and then take the necessary steps to achieve them. It sounds simple, but surprisingly few people really know how to define their goals. This is where neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) comes in. NLP gives us the tools we need to dive deeper into our goal setting, prevent subconscious sabotage, and reach our true objectives.

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These NLP techniques could play a huge role in refining how you think

These NLP techniques could play a huge role in refining how you think

Neuro-linguistic programming, more commonly known by the acronym NLP, can play an incredibly important role in helping people to become the individual they have always wanted to be. When time is dedicated to understanding and learning particular methods and techniques, it is possible to alter one’s thought processes and subsequently make decisions that are liable to be more beneficial. Of course, as with any means of ‘self-improvement’, time, commitment and a willingness to strive for better are essential. Without this outlook and mentality, change is unlikely to be obtained. So, with that firmly in the mind, here are some of the NLP techniques that could, if used in the right way, help to refine – and enhance – how you think.

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Benefits of NLP in business

Benefits of NLP in business

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is applied in different sectors because it helps us understand ourselves and those around us. It has been instrumental in psychology, sports, education and now in business. Here are some of the benefits businesses stand to gain by using NLP.

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Online Training

Times have changed ​

In NLP, we talk about behavioral flexibility. As such, in this day and age, it is only right that people can study  NLP online in either live classes or by other means.

Our online course standards ensure that the students of such courses are adequatley trained in the full NLP Practitioner curriculum.

Benefits of studying Practitioner Training approved by the iGNLP™

Become a member of a truly global Certification Board and build your professional reputation. The iGPPA™ network and the iGNLP™ is the perfect place for New  and seasoned NLP Practitioners. Use our recognized Post Nominal Letters on your website and marketing materials. Display your iGNLP™ Certified badge &  become a part of a community of NLP Professionals. 

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Trainers approved by the iGNLP™ have demonstrated their professionalism and knowledge at the highest standards. All of the trainers that are registered with The iGNLP™ have undertaken ongoing professional and personal development and are actively involved in the NLP community. You can rest assure that training provided by the iGNLP™ is of the highest quality as you would expect from an Independent Professional Body Dedicated to your success.

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We can assist in all areas of the NLP Business and your affiliation with our organisation adds credibility to your practitioner / coaching business. We have a vibrant and active community and run an annual NLP Summit for practitioners in over 185 countries around the world. & We regularly negotiate special deals with related business.

Post Nominal Letters

As a graduate of a program presented by an authorized iGNLP school or institute You are entitled to use the following letters after your name. miGNLP - Member of the International Guild of Neuro Linguistic Programming. (If you have been Certified in 3 or more personal / professional development disciplines) you may use the parent organization miGPPA Post Nominal designation.

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Being a member of the largest accreditation board in the world comes with benefits. Not least your clients will be instantly re-assured by our code of ethics, our safe practitioner scheme and your affiliation with our business.