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Ways in which NLP can help you thrive in a brave new world

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Imagine the scene. A man falls to earth and a concerned group crowd around him. “What happened?” one member of the crowd asks. “Don’t ask me,” replied the man “I just got here myself.” This amusing story probably depicts how most of us feel in this emerging post-pandemic moment in time, but there has rarely been a better opportunity for us to update and reboot our thought patterns. NLP offers so many ways in which to shed limiting beliefs and strengthen our innate capabilities, both as practitioners and for our clients.

Time to upgrade

Covid 19 has turned all our lives upside down. The furlough scheme, long lock downs and general uncertainty has made the world feel like a strange place. However, it has made many people reconsider their lives, their routines and their thought processes to implement changes for the better. There has never been a better or more profitable time to plug into alternative and exciting ways to restructure one’s skill set and attitude.

Above all else, we all need clarity of vision: on our life purpose and our beliefs. Our subconscious thought patterns, expressed outwardly in language and behavior, can be involved with the setting of these goals, making success more likely in the long term. Within this process, our negative thought patterns can be acknowledged and overcome, leading to a greater level of self-confidence.

Yielding positive results

In turn, the knock-on effect of this new-found clarity and assurance is the ability to lead others more effectively, manage teams, eliminate problems and to be a better salesperson or negotiator. If the concept of calmly delivering a business presentation to a crowded board room is currently causing anxiety, NLP can help. In the same way, this newfound constructive optimism can improve your personal connections and the most important relationship any of us ever really have – the one we have with ourselves.

No matter what it is you want to achieve, whether it is a small personal goal, improved mindset or to train as an NLP practitioner, after years of proven results, Matt Barnett can help.

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