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How can NLP improve relationships?

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There are many benefits of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and there are a few NLP techniques that are particularly useful in improving relationships whether that be with your friends, partner, strangers or your own self.

As part of a population, we have relationships with everything either directly and indirectly, and the nature of these relationships can hold a major impact into our quality of life and our own thoughts and feelings. Positive relationships hold a key part to having a happy and healthy life, and building and maintaining these relationships effectively can only have a positive effect on your day-to-day life. Here are a few ways that NLP can change how you view relationships for the better.

Being able to understand a change in perspective

Being able to see the world from the position of others can greatly influence how we understand other people’s thoughts and beliefs. When we understand people’s ‘model of the world’ as we like to call it in NLP, we give ourselves the opportunity to find reasons as to why they believe the things that they do. For example, each of our ‘models of the world’ is influenced by an abundance of factors including the surroundings of where we grew up, the relationship with our parents and events that have occurred. Being able to appreciate that other people’s ‘models of the world’ are different from our own can help us to understand and respond to different points of view.

Find common ground and build a rapport

Misunderstandings in relationships can often occur when one person’s ideas and beliefs are different from the others. Here is a great example of how you can use your understanding of their ‘model of the world’ to appreciate their point of view. Following this, you can ask questions to find other values that you agree on and steer the conversation away from the dispute. Finding common ground is a great way to build a rapport with a person and strengthen the relationship using NLP.

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