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NLP skills which can boost personal development

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Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological concept that suggests that as human beings, we observe the world based on our feelings and perceptions. NLP techniques are used in therapy to help people with personal development and to overcome anxieties. These techniques work to build a pattern of behaviour that has been learnt through experience. Continue reading to learn more about the key skills and techniques used in NLP and their benefits.


This a method which is used to pull up an emotion or put yourself in a particular state of mind. It associates an emotion with a physical action which is known as laying the anchor. Connecting emotions such as happiness with simple movements can help to bring on feelings of happiness later.


Mirroring is when you mimic the behaviour of the person you are communicating with in a subtle way. Mastering this skill is a great way to become more likeable. By copying someone’s speech patterns, vocab style and volume, you are effectively mirroring them. Meta Model The meta model NLP technique can be used to help you to understand other people’s problems. With this technique, the aim is to deconstruct the conversation to arrive at a solution to a problem. By deconstructing someone’s problem, you can help them to find an answer.

Pattern interruption

This is a technique used to store words in a listener’s mind subconsciously. To do this, you need to lure the listener’s thoughts into a pattern. Then, pull them out of the paradigm for a moment before completing the shape. This means that the listener’s subconscious is waiting for the pattern but their conscious mind remains distracted.


Framing is employed to decrease the sensation of emotions. It works by rebuilding links in your limbic system between your amygdala and your hippocampus. Often, we can hold memories that are associated with negative emotions. Framing works to reduce these emotions and dampen any negative feelings. If you’re an NLP practitioner, the IGNLP can help you to build your businesses and help more people with their personal development. For more information, get in touch today.

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