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How to build your online reputation as a CBT therapist

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How to build your online reputation as a CBT therapist

If you’re a CBT therapist and you’re looking to expand your online business, it’s important to think about your online reputation, and how you can build up client trust and respect in the industry. There are several ways you can reach new customers and grow your brand identity, whilst making sure your business’s reputation continues to rise. We look at some effective ways to build your online reputation as a CBT therapist, whether you’re newly qualified or have decades of experience.

Establish your Unique Selling Point

To stand out on the internet, you need to know what makes your business (and you) unique. Maybe you have specialized in certain areas, like help with weight management or providing CBT for teenagers. You might have a warm and engaging personality that clients love, so communicate that through online videos or helpful blog posts. Highlight your unique skills and experience.

Get customer reviews

Customer reviews are crucial to building your online reputation. They show just how good your services are and highlight aspects of your business which make it special. They also build brand recognition and authority, and you can ask for reviews on a number of different platforms. Some ways to get customer reviews could include online directories like Yell and Trustpilot, social media tools like Facebook business reviews or asking for LinkedIn endorsements. Though some therapists might be wary of asking for feedback or online reviews, make sure your clients know they can do this anonymously and offer an incentive if possible.

Engage with other professionals

Due to the UK lockdown, networking events and opportunities have been less than normal, but there are plenty of alternative spaces to meet similar professionals. By building up your network, you can learn from others with more experience, gain potential referrals or work together on potential projects. Reach out on social networks to other therapists and CBT practitioners or join a group online.

Make your credentials public

To build client trust, you need to make sure they know that you are fully qualified and experienced. Make sure you fill in online profiles on a variety of sites and social networks highlighting your qualifications and professional achievements so clients know you’re trained to handle their health concerns.

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