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Online hypnotherapy during COVID-19

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Online hypnotherapy during COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has taken over the world, and most of us are restricted to our homes. COVID-19 is having adverse mental effects on many of the population. More people are seeking online hypnotherapy in addition to those who already receive hypnosis treatment.

As a result of social distancing regulations, online hypnotherapy is growing in popularity. Contrary to popular belief, you can find the same relief from an online session as you can in person.

Here, we dig deeper into a few of the reasons you might want to consider trying online hypnosis.

Pre-existing health conditions

If you suffered from anxiety, depression, or stress before the outbreak, you’ve likely felt your feelings intensify while being locked up and not able to visit loved ones. Loneliness is kicking in, and it might be hard to cope.

OCD is also a common condition, and with the risk of infection, excess hand washing and cleanliness are frequent. Some sufferers may feel that their feelings are justified because they’re being told to stay inside.

Many phobias are also heightened during the pandemic. Those who experience claustrophobia and xenophobia, amongst others, feel a surge in symptoms.

Lifestyle changes

We’re all at risk of feeling down due to routine changes that are out of our hands. A lot of the country feels like their life is out of control right now with changes in the workplace, being separated from family and friends, and not knowing when it will all be over.

The added stress of the outbreak affects many of our habits and worsens various lifestyle factors, including;

– Sleep
– Weight gain
– Negative habits and addictions
– Exercise
– Relationships
– Stress

Making it through

To help you surpass these challenging times, online hypnotherapy sessions can be a great relief and aid in various ways. These can be from curbing bad habits and helping you drop off at night to coping with anxiety or controlling OCD. You’ll also stay calm knowing that there’s no risk of infection because you’re in your own home.

Practice the following techniques to help reduce any symptoms and negative feelings in the meanwhile.

– Limit exposure to media
– Communicate via video calls
– Stick to a routine
– Learn to exercise at home
– Stay in your house whenever possible

By pairing online hypnotherapy with these habits, you’ll find it much easier to cope during the COVID-19 outbreak and with any other curveballs life throws at you.

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