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Reach your goals with NLP

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Reach your goals with NLP

Success in both life and business is based on one core skill – the ability to set clear goals and then take the necessary steps to achieve them. It sounds simple, but surprisingly few people really know how to define their goals. This is where neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) comes in. NLP gives us the tools we need to dive deeper into our goal setting, prevent subconscious sabotage, and reach our true objectives.

Getting SMART about your goals

You may have heard people talk before about the SMART framework for goal setting. This stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. It is a great starting point for defining and achieving your goals and is used by many coaches and entrepreneurs. Too many of us think that having a vague idea of what we want to achieve is enough – using SMART means we will start to take our ephemeral ideas and turn them into concrete plans. Understanding and using the SMART framework is a good first step. But using SMART in conjunction with NLP gives you an even greater toolbox for goal setting and deepens your understanding of how to make plans that will truly bring you success.

The NLP approach to goal setting

While SMART concentrates on setting the parameters of your goal, NLP takes you several steps further, by encouraging you to visualise the true impact of this goal on your life and career. You start by looking at the present and what you want to change. Then state your goal in positive terms, exploring how achieving it will take you to where you want to be. NLP prevents us from subconsciously sabotaging our own progress by getting us to look at our goals in sensory terms. Use all your senses to visualise the steps involved in reaching the goal you have set, making sure you have broken it down into small enough steps to be achievable, rather than daunting. Notice whether you find your planned future compelling, or if there is any part of you that is objecting to the goal. This gives you the opportunity to check the quality of your goal setting – is this objective right for you in all areas of your life, or is there anything that needs to be adjusted? Ready to learn more about using SMART and NLP to take your goal setting to the next level? Headgear Labs have everything you need to get started. Check out our huge range of online courses today.

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