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Restoring mental health in a post-COVID world

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Restoring mental health in a post-COVID world

Coronavirus is a worldwide crisis that has hit everyone hard through loss, lockdown, and financial hardships. A large percentage of people have reported that their mental health has been negatively impacted by covid. As we move into a post-pandemic world, clients need their therapists and life coaches more than ever.

So here are some tips for helping your clients as your business grows in 2021:

1. Go Virtual

Conducting sessions online through Zoom or facilitating telephone sessions means that you can connect with more clients. You may have already taken your sessions online, but if you have, retaining this as a service you offer will allow you to expand over a wider geographical area over time. Furthermore, even with vaccination programs in full swing, many clients are still worried about catching covid, especially with new coronavirus variants emerging, and prefer to conduct their sessions from the safety of their own home either on the phone or by video call.

2. Offer a safe office environment for clients

With the easing of the lockdown, more clients will be returning to see you in person, but it’s paramount they feel safe in their surroundings. If they have worries about covid, this will stop them from getting the very best level of success out of their therapy sessions with you. Offer them hand sanitisers on arrival, give them the option of wearing a face mask if appropriate, and maintain social distancing. Reassure your clients of the regular cleaning that takes place in your therapy room to ease some of their worries.

3. Focus on your own mental wellbeing

As a therapist or life coach, sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of your own mental health and prioritise your clients’ wellbeing over your own. Now, more than ever, you need to remember that you’re important too. Take some time out for yourself to eat healthily, exercise, and even pick up a new skill that will help you to create a good work/life balance. Maintain a positive mindset with positive self-affirmations, guided meditations and relaxation. Your positive attitude will be a great inspiration to your clients too.

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