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How to use social media to attract new clients

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How to use social media to attract new clients

Starting off a business as a CBT practitioner has its challenges and attracting clients when you are just starting out can be tricky. At the beginning, you won’t have had the opportunity to bring in clients through word-of-mouth and you will have to use your own marketing skills to promote your services. Social media can be extremely useful in communicating with a wide audience, so here are a few ways you can optimise your social media platforms to attract new clients.

Research the competition

Before altering your social media business profile, have a look at what other successful CBT practitioners have done on theirs and see what works and doesn’t work. This can include identifying which platforms seem to be the most effective in engaging followers (Instagram, Facebook etc.) or having a look at what type of content they share. If you see something that seems to be popular and draws positive attention from other profiles, this could be something you can adapt for your own profile.

Know your audience

This one is tricky because you never know who might be looking for CBT, but it is key to acknowledge this in the content you put out there. You want to share ideas and messages that are accessible and relatable for as many people as possible. Using visuals here such as info-graphics can be particularly effective in communicating a lot of information in an easy and engaging way. Follow and connect with like-minded profiles and interact with their posts to get your name out there.

Be transparent

Make sure your profile is easy-to-read and concise when it comes to how potential clients can contact you to book an appointment. Once you’ve taken on some clients, use their testimonials to add some backing to your expertise and reinforce your value. Have a professional profile photo that makes you easily recognizable, and keep your content style and tone consistent across your different social media platforms.

Social media is an extremely valuable tool to engage and attract new clients. Keep your profiles active and updated with useful content and you’ll be sure to widen your following, which will help you attract more clients.

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