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The benefits of offering CBT online

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The benefits of offering CBT online

In a world ravaged by a pandemic, anxiety has rocketed for many more people than usual. With lockdowns, tiered restrictions and social isolation a reality for those most vulnerable forced to shield in their homes, loneliness and depression are at an all-time high. For some sufferers of worry, anxiety and depression during this second wave of Covid-19, self help is not enough and they are unable to cope with deteriorating mental health so intervention is necessary.

Digital consultations

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a proven and effective treatment for helping patients to change their way of thinking and deal with negative thoughts which are leading to high levels of anxiety. But with high infection rates, it’s no longer possible to easily access face to face consultations. CBT delivered digitally has been shown to benefit people with depression and emotional distress caused by illness such as those recovering from Covid-19.

Online therapy

Patients can take part in online therapy while remaining anonymous which can particularly help those who are shy and anxious and may be reluctant to talk to a healthcare professional. CBT delivered online can allow practitioners to treat more patients, in less time and with fewer resources than traditional methods would allow for. In turn, this means more people in need of therapy during these unprecedented times will be able to gain access to CBT. In 2017, a study by Kumar et al came to the conclusion that CBT delivered online was both cost-effective and useful, and in 2020, Luo et al found that eCBT was more effective at reducing depression than face-to-face consultations.

Patient choice

Online CBT may not suit every patient but it is a valuable service to offer as a practitioner. It gives patients more flexibility in their choice of how therapy is delivered to them. It empowers many who may otherwise be nervous about undertaking a course of CBT to take part in therapy which can alter their mindset and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

iGCBT can help you with professional advice and guidance on how to offer CBT therapy services online and reach out to more patients suffering from anxiety and depression during this unprecedented pandemic. If you would like help get in touch today.

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