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These NLP techniques could play a huge role in refining how you think

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These NLP techniques could play a huge role in refining how you think

Neuro-linguistic programming, more commonly known by the acronym NLP, can play an incredibly important role in helping people to become the individual they have always wanted to be. When time is dedicated to understanding and learning particular methods and techniques, it is possible to alter one’s thought processes and subsequently make decisions that are liable to be more beneficial. Of course, as with any means of ‘self-improvement’, time, commitment and a willingness to strive for better are essential. Without this outlook and mentality, change is unlikely to be obtained. So, with that firmly in the mind, here are some of the NLP techniques that could, if used in the right way, help to refine – and enhance – how you think.

1. Anchoring

If you have any knowledge of NLP, then this is likely a word you’ve come across before. The goal of ‘anchoring’ is to help an individual reach a positive state of mind simply via an association with a particular word, sound, image or action. When capable of anchoring successfully it is much easier to improve one’s ability to control emotions, thereby allowing thought processes to be made with clarity.

2. Reframing

Reframing is something that we are all encouraged to do by friends and family but can be incredibly difficult to achieve if the right techniques are not learned (or available). Reframing is, quite simply, a means of looking at a certain scenario or situation in a different way. By doing this an individual will be able to ‘reframe’ their perspective and subsequently discover how to prioritise positive thoughts instead of negative ones. This can be incredibly empowering during periods of stress or turmoil and can make difficult moments far easier to navigate and cope with.

3. The ‘swish’ approach

It’s possible that you’ve already heard of anchoring and reframing, but chances are the ‘swish’ method – or swish approach – is something that hasn’t previously crossed your path. In the simplest of terms, the goal of the swish approach is to discover exactly what terms, phrases, words or scenarios can be regarded as triggers, and then train your brain to refrain from immediately defaulting to negativity, and instead focus on a positive – or at the very least progressive – mindset.

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