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Website tips for busy therapists

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Website tips for busy therapists

If you’re busy, but still want to attract new customers, you might want to think about expanding and improving your website. Chances are, you already have a website that details your services, but how can you use it to attract more customers? We’ll go into some website tips and secrets in this post!

Work out if your website needs a redesign

Does your website layout look outdated? If so, it might be beneficial to redesign it. You could do this yourself, but if you have some spare cash, why not save time by hiring a web designer? You’ll be able to work with them to create a dynamic, SEO-responsive webpage that will eventually earn you more money.

Make sure that your website is SEO optimized

On the topic of SEO, you should make sure that your website is optimized well. SEO is the art of making sure that your website shows up in related Google searches. It’s the best way to get traffic to your site, and hopefully paying customers!

You should incorporate good keywords for your niche into your homepage and the meta details of your website. Examples of keywords include therapist in (your city), CBT therapist (city), or CBT therapist for (target audience).

You might want to also consider writing some blog posts. These should answer common questions but leave the reader wanting more information. Examples of posts could be ‘What is CBT?’, ‘Simple steps to help your mental health’ or ‘The importance of sleep for anxiety’. You should do some keyword research to find good SEO keywords that will help bring more traffic to your website.

Check site speed and spam scores

You should get in the routine of checking your site speed and spam score. These can change depending on factors like plugins, heavy images, and third party programmes, so it’s imperative to keep an eye on them so you can quickly make alterations if needed. A slow site not only results in a worse user experience, but it can also result in you ranking lower down in the SERPs!

Once you’ve ticked off all of these things, you should have a website that will attract more customers.

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