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Why you should consider online CBT permanently

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Why you should consider online CBT permanently

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, usually happens over a series of 5 to 20 coaching sessions between the patient and therapist, depending on the patient’s mental health needs. However, over the past year, many CBT practitioners have taken their sessions online due to COVID-19. In addition to the obvious safety precautions, there are many benefits to virtual therapy. Here are several reasons why you should consider keeping your sessions online beyond the pandemic.

Business doesn’t stop

One benefit to online CBT is that you can continue your business during lockdown. Mental health has been a key issue during the Coronavirus pandemic. With anxiety and depression on the rise due to health concerns, loneliness, economic instability and more. It has never been more important to provide accessible therapy, and thanks to technology, online CBT can be effectively conducted remotely via Zoom, FaceTime and other video calling programs.


Online CBT also provides flexibility for the patient and the practitioner. You can conduct sessions from wherever you both are in the world, meaning if existing clients go on holiday, move abroad or simply can’t make it out that day, you can still continue with their CBT online. It also means that you are not geographically restricted when it comes to finding new clients.


Another benefit to online CBT is that it is extremely convenient for patients as they do not have to travel to your place of work. They can experience the therapy from the comfort of their own home. Without having to worry about driving or catching public transport, finding the location of the session, or being late. As people with mental health issues may be more sensitive to stress, anything you can do to create a sense of calm before the CBT session will be helpful to their progress. Speaking to your patient when they are in an environment where they feel at ease is a great way to help them feel more comfortable with you.

Therefore, even when the COVID-19 pandemic is over and online CBT is no longer essential, consider continuing your services online for the benefit of you and your patients. If you’re still concerned, it’s worth speaking to the iGCBT certification board for guidance.

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